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This Automatic Swing Door Opener is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) design for interior doors up to 42" wide and as heavy as 100 lbs. It's ideal for residential doors, office doors and public washrooms. Not only it is very easy to install (except the electric strike to be installed by handyman, installer or locksmith) but it is the first affordable and lowest cost Swing Door Opener in the world.

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Physically Challenged: Ideal for wheelchairers and walkers, just press a button on the transmitter to open the door. Travelling through doors at home or at the workplace without turning the door knob is very simple and convenient. Resellers can sell this Opener along with their wheelchairs or other healthcare products.

Restricted Mobility: Conveniently use the wireless Remote, Wall Mount Push Button or Motion Sensor to open the door for restricted mobility users at home or at the workplace. All dealers or retailers can sell this Opener along with their wheelchaires or other healthcare products.

Sanitary Purposes: New Application - Perfect for all public washroom's door. When people wash their hands and leave the washroom, it is not necessary to touch the door or door knob and avoid the potenial germs attached. This opener will automatically open the door for the customers, excellent for all the public washrooms in the restaurant, hotels, malls, office, warehouse... Customers will appreciate the attention to cleanliness and hygiene and their health considerations.

Convenience /Office: Any interior doors in an office including Presidents' Office, Directors' offices, Conference Rooms etc... All you have to do is press the button to open and close the door.

Convenience /Home: Bring the Smarthome dream into reality. Press the 1st button on the transmitter to open the garage door, then press the 2nd button to open the swing door, entering the home from the Garage... This is very convenient especially when buying groceries and suppliers.

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